Power Flex Mascara


An intense, laquer-like volumizing & lengthening mascara that lifts lashes for a false-lash effect you can customize, all while promoting nourished and healthy lashes.

Cover FX Power Flex Mascara standing upward with shadow Power Flex Mascara brush swiping black texture on surface
Rotating images of Cover FX Power Flex Mascara

What makes it great

Power Flex is the first-of-its-kind clean mascara that’s truly eye-opening — lash conditioning waxes infused with Moringa oil fan out lashes for maximum length, while adhering polymers amplify length and volume, holding lashes in place for a long-lasting lifted effect. The vegan formula is enhanced by an innovative dual-action hybrid mascara brush: The double-rowed silicone comb deposits formula at the base creating volume, while the fiber brush combs through lashes to provide length, volume & lift from root to tip. For all lash types and eye shapes.

Opthamologist tested.*

Key ingredients

Lash-conditioning Moringa oil: Typically found in hair care products, this botanical oil strengthens, lengthens & moisturizes lashes

Vegan Wax blend: Helps increase the lengthening properties of the formula and create a clump-free effect

Sweatproof polymers: Gives lashes sweat-resistance and holds them in place for long-lasting wear

Comparison of eyes with and without Power Flex Mascara


100% of consumers who tried the mascara strongly agreed that the hybrid brush delivered visible thickness and volume

How to Use

Full Power Flex: Start with the silicone-rowed comb side of the wand, applying mascara from root to tips. Flip to the fiber brush side, wiggling the wand from the base of lashes up to the tips to lengthen and separate, layering for extra volume. Want even more oomph? Switch back to the comb side and swipe wand from mid-length to tips, gently pushing lashes upward to boost length and curl.

Soft & Subtle: Use the fiber brush side of the wand to apply mascara from root to tips, using a zig-zag motion, for fluffy, natural-looking lashes.

How to Remove

Apply two pumps of Future Perfect Water-Optional Cleanser to a cotton round and hold over closed eye for 30 seconds. Gently wipe eye area in a downward circular motion until clean.

Optional: rinse with lukewarm water and follow up with your favorite eye cream.