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Article: Finding Your Undertone

Finding Your Undertone

Finding Your Undertone

What is an undertone?

In makeup, an undertone is the subtle color shade underneath the surface of your skin. The undertone is what separates similar skin tones—and makes some products look slightly off, or absolutely perfect. Knowing your undertone is the key to stellar, flawless foundation.

Your skin’s undertones can be cool, warm, or neutral. “How do I find my skin’s undertone?” you might ask.

Here are a few tricks:


Look at your wrist. Are the veins purple, blue, or green? If they’re purple, you’re a P—a pink, cool tone. If they’re blue, you’re a N (neutral) tone. If they’re green, you’re a W (warm) tone.


If gold looks better on you, you’re a W (warm) tone. If silver looks better, you’re a P (pink, cool) tone. If both look good, you’re a N (neutral) tone.


Hold a piece of blank paper up to your skin. If it looks brighter, you’re a P (pink, cool) tone. If it looks dimmer, you’re a W (warm) tone. If you look exactly the same, you’re a N (neutral) tone.

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