Custom Blending Brush

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Custom Blending Brush
Custom Blending Brush

Custom Blending Brush


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A cruelty-free brush designed with over 99,000 densely packed synthetic fibers to seamlessly apply, blend and buff liquid, powder and cream foundations for an airbrushed finish. It is expertly designed with a short, domed shape to provide maximum control and effortlessly reach every plane and contour of the face, including the delicate areas around the eyes and nose. For best results, wash regularly.

Your Formula For Beauty.

Natrafil®, PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate)

How to Use

Use for applying, buffing, blending and building coverage with powder and cream foundations. For best results, wash regularly.

Build your routine. Pick 1 product from each step and get 10% off.

Prep: Pick the right skincare or primer to ensure makeup goes on smoothly and lasts all day.

Cover: Even out skin tone and provide a clean, even canvas for any color product you’ll be using.

Set: Lock in color and ensure longevity of wear.

Enhance: Bring life and color back to skin, whether it’s with a highlighter, blush or lip color.

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